WORK WITH US We’re always seeking for talented people with orientation in different areas such as Industrial design, Naval Architecture, Civil Architecture or Aeronautical engineering; understanding of 2d technical drawings, 3d modeling, rendering, hand sketching or 3d animation is required for the job. Send us your CV THE COMPANY QURAX was founded in Italy (2002) and established in Argentina (2005) by Naval Architect Guillermo Heinonen and Industrial Designer Jose de San Martin. QURAX provides worldwide industrial design services; we cover different areas which we break up in: living, land, water and air. Competitive prices, due to exceptional currency exchange ratio, make QURAX a cost-effective choice with a high quality product. With a Buenos Aires based office, our team of skilled young professionals is in constant growth and expansion. Time Span is crucial reason why we relay on the fastest internet connection 24/7; we use extensively internet to communicate with our clients, emails, FTP servers, Skype and of course ground, mobile telephones and fax lines. We speak fluent Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese which helps our communications globally. We are usually traveling, this means that we are used to arrange meetings or prepare presentations anywhere, including on short notice or tight schedules. Do not hesitate to contact us. THE SERVICE: QURAX supplies industrial design services in the areas already mentioned. We also provide outsourcing services for studios and companies which require illustration, 3D modeling, realistic rendering, animation, 2D technical drawings and/or construction consulting. Our area break up in Living, Land, Water and Air and supply to projects such as: building interior, furniture, lighting, electronics devices, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, karts, yachts interiors, styling, on both sail and power boats and also small airplanes like ultra lights and hydroplanes. We can provide both the whole package and/or assistance on completing a designed task. We simply comply with the client requirements in the shortest period of time while achieving state of the art results. Contact us now! CONTACT: Email: Telephone/Fax: 005411-4742-3504 Skype: on request Address: Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina Guillermo Heinonen Guillermo is a Naval Architect. He participated in the design and construction process in projects like America's Cup with Luna Rossa (2007), IMOCA Open60 with Bell Group, Volvo70 with ABN Amro (2005), Maiden Hong Kong 120ft, multi hull 60ft & Sig45, Luxury Power Yachts 47ft, 35ft and 18ft. Also he was involved in amphibious airplanes projects. Prior to become a Naval Architect at Quilmes National University in 1999, he attended two years of Naval Engineer at Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA). He is been working since 17 years old around the world in several Boat Yards, work shops and small design studios related with yachts, wood productions and house construction. He uses to practice sailing, flying and mountain climbing. Guillermo was born in Argentina. He speaks native Spanish, fluent Portuguese, Italian and English. José de San Martín Jose is an independent Ma. Industrial Designer and consultant. He graduated with an Industrial Design Master in Domus Academy of Milan in 1998. Prior to achieve the Ma. Degree, he graduated as an Industrial Designer in the National University of Cuyo (UNC) Mendoza , where he worked as freelance designer. On late 1997 he moved to Italy where he worked as a Senior Designer at CDM Castelli Design Milano, founded Nahuelpan Design Company, worked for Domus Academy as a tutor on the Ma. Degree course, as well as on several product design projects for known companies in U.S. , Italy , Spain , France , U.K. , Argentina and China. Jose was born in Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires. He speaks native Spanish, fluent English and Italian.